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Meet Dt. Rukhsana Azhar, from Diet4u Wellness ( Center for Obesity & Diabetes Management) who is an expert in managing the medical and wellness diets,  Under her guidance as a Dietician in Patna. The clinic was founded with the intention to promote the healthy lifestyle of people by offering nutritional guidance that allows for small changes to your daily eating routines.

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Dietitian in Patna-Rukhsana Azhar

Welcome to Diet4U

Transforming lives and promising healthier future with easy lifestyle changes personalized dietary solution.

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Diet4U Wellness was established by Patna by a renowned dietician from Patna known as Dt. Rukhsana Azhar. The aim was to promote health and wellness by utilizing the expertise of an elite group of dieticians and nutritionists . With simple, daily nutrition changes, we aim to inspire people to live a life of health and vitality. In helping everyone reach their optimal levels of fitness, health and energy is our main aim. From a young age we are taught that "prevention is more effective than treatment" This clearly illustrates the importance of diet and lifestyle choices in health and wellness.


Our hectic and fast-paced lives often leads us to forget the importance of nutrition. This puts us at risk to a variety of health issues that are a result of our lifestyle such as thyroid issues, high cholesterol and obesity, diabetes, PCOS and many more. But, our team of top nutritionists and dieticians from PatnaDiet4U Wellness is available to offer expert assistance.

Rukhsana Azhar

Dt. Rukhsana Azhar [Dietician & Nutritionist]

With a B.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition, an M.Sc. in Dietetics & Food Service Management, and a Diploma in Diabetes, Dt. Rukhsana Azhar is a highly skilled Dietitian in Patna. At esteemed establishments like Apollo Hospital-Delhi, Max Super Specialty-Delhi, Lilavati Hospital-Mumbai, and VLCC Healthcare-Mumbai, she has accumulated invaluable experience.



When application of knowledge wears the ornament of empathy and patience then the path to success is guaranteed. This Philosophy has surmounted the abilities of Dt. Rukhsana Azhar to the new heights with amazing rate of successful cases and proliferating percentage of satisfied individuals all across the country. It is admirable that Dt. Rukhsana can customize meal plans to meet the needs of each individual, demonstrating her dedication to fostering the best possible health and well-being. She is renowned for paying close attention to detail, making sure that every client receives individualized attention and direction on their path to improved health.

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Start with Tailor Made Programs

Diet Plans
Diet4u help you to lose weight by providing you with empowerment and guide you how to modify your lifestyle and habits for better health.
Weight gain or adding muscle requires dedication and lots of effort that will be ensured by our experienced senior nutritionist and dietitians.
Diet4u lets you know to make your blood sugar by creating awareness about diabetes and guide you how to control these day to day factors.
Our nutritionists provide counselling for all women during their pregnancy and make themlearn about prenatal care.
Looking for guidance on how to manage your PCOD/PCOS symptoms through diet? Our diet counselling service & certified nutritionists can help.
Nutritional factors are closely related to thyroid dysfunction due to deviation from normal physiology of the gland.
A child requires proper nutrition from various foods, so our nutritionists guide you to how your child grows physically and mentally properly.
Diet4u gives solutions for functional constipation (FC) and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) inan effective way.
If weight isn't a problem, but you're experiencing infertility, will changing your dietary habits help you eat your way to motherhood.
Diet4U Wellness

Why Consult DT. Rukhsana Azhar

Dt. Rukhsana Azhar, a famous Dietician in Patna, understands well that besides deep knowledge of dietary guidelines, health conditions and nutrition science there is great importance of genuine care of clients’ needs, challenges and concerns.

She prepares the diet plan based on the lifestyles, health goals and preferences of individuals. But she also knows that communication is very important where one needs to comprehend what is conveyed to him or her because it is a proper communication that brings the effectiveness in achieving the health outcomes.

The individuals are highly motivated because of the dietitian’s long-term focus and respect for their cultural background, autonomy, and personal beliefs.

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